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NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC Trucking Company based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Welcome to the NRJ website.

Welcome to the NRJ website. - NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC

Since 2006, NRJ offers in DR Congo its transport services, containers, bulk products, tanks, logs and exceptional convoys.

Special transports.

Special transports. - NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC

NRJ is the essential partner for safe transport of very heavy or cumbersome loads thanks to its flat-bed trucks and handling equipments.

A network at the size of a huge country.

A network at the size of a huge country. - NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC

From Kinshasa, it takes 550 km to the Atlantic coast and 850 km to Kasaï. To this must be added the 2,800 km to Katanga via Angola.

A country of unusual.

A country of unusual. - NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC

A poor country but full of hope and joy. Where resourcefulness is the rule of life even if it is necessary to abound in the excesses.

 - NRJ - Kinshasa - DRC